Saturday, July 14, 2012

St John Magic

St John Magic

St John is also known as LOVE CITY. -  Peace, One Love, Be Kind and Positive is How I Live, are a few of the words seen around St John on tee shirts and bumper stickers.  But beyond all of those descriptions there is St John Magic.  It's a feeling you have just being here whether on vacation or living here.

An island friend said to me yesterday that St John Magic finds you just what you are looking for, even if you don't know what you are looking for - IT will find you - whatever IT may be. 

What I think the magic really is - the beauty, the seclusion from the greater world, the big sky above and the huge oceans all around, endless horizons, the beauty of nature on the island and under the sea, the friendliness of the people, their acceptance of all people, all of this gives one Peace, and with Peace within you open yourself up to all the possibilities, and IT - whatever IT is - finds it's place.  

The atmosphere of St John creates peace within, which in turn creates acceptance and openness, and then the magic happens - Just the way God intended.  

We still LOVE island life!  We feel God's blessings all around us. We're feelin the magic.  We are grateful for our time of peace, renewal, and fun on St John and are grateful that we can go back to our cabin in the mountains and be with family and friends stateside.  We are coming back to the same villa apartment in October and staying until......................................... God has other plans for us.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One of the unexpected blessings for us was in sharing St John with family and friends. Spending vacation time together in this beautiful and peace filled place forged deeper bonds. We will always have our St John magic connection.  We cherish the time spent with each of you on St John.

                        Caribbean Sea, St John and sky from our villa apartment in the Skytop area.

                                                                  Our St John Home
                                                          Just Be @ Wild Orchid Villa, 

Thanksgiving - Chris, Melissa & Ty

 Chris, Melissa & Ty overlapped their visits to be together on Thanksgiving day!  I think all of us like the new Thanksgiving traditions however unorthodox they are.
Enjoying an ocean sunset
Day charter to British Virgin Islands - last stop
 Soggy Dollar Beach Bar, Jost Van Dyke Island,



Lunch at Willy T's - a large boat off of Norman Island BVI
our boat tied up next to it and we climbed aboard

Making easy friends with a roaming St John donkey

Relaxing day at Trunk Bay

Mark & Jess
Thanksgiving was over and our sons and daughter went home.   Christmas was approaching.  While driving one afternoon, Christmas carols came on the radio.   I sent up a quick prayer - how are we going to get through Christmas without family? -  That same evening there was a facebook message from our nephew Mark's new wife Jessica - Were you serious about us visiting?  Can we visit Dec 27 - Jan 4th? Answered prayer.  We were having family during the Christmas season!!!!!!  We were elated!!! Had the most wonderful New Years with Mark and Jess!!
Mark and Jess overlooking Trunk Bay

The ORIGINAL "wacky juice"Thank You Jess
Every subsequent guest has made some form of
this "juice" to take to the beach!
"Where's The Rum"

Just another day at the beach - Gibney Beach

Jim and Mary -

On their annual January fishing trip to St John, friends Jim & Mary took us along on their charter fishing trip.   Caught lots of fish.  We are excited that Jim & Mary are staying with us next trip.   They are our first booked guests for 2013
Mike had the largest catch of the day, a Mutton Snapper = dinner

Steph & Linda

Ten Fabulous February days with our daughters Steph & Linda
             LEAP day party at Skinny Legs Beach Bar  :)

Leinster Bay at Annaberg Plantation

Sunset at Steph & Linda's favorite beach Salt Pond

Hiking out of Denis Bay
Secluded Denis Bay

Drunk Bay

John & Kathi 

Trunk Bay

We spent a week in March at Trunk Bay with our St John mentors - Mike's cousins John & Kathi.  They lived full time on St John in the late 90's.  On their recommendation  we visited and the rest is history.  They were here in December at their time share and we were so glad they came back again in March to stay with us!  Since we are all "locals" we didn't even think to get out the camera.   So no pictures of John or Kathi :(
We will rectify that Dec 1st when they return to St John for their annual vacation!!  

A day visitor from Pennsylvania!   Our friend Sally and her gal pals were cruisin the caribbean!  While in port at St Thomas they took the ferry over to St John and we spent the day on Trunk.

Easter - Lori & Cheryl 

Lori & Cheryl arrived as acquaintances and left as good friends
 Bushwackers at Banana Deck

Easter Sunday at Church


Gibney Beach

We rescued Honeymooners Mike & Rowan at Salt Pond
No Taxi's back across the island.  They spent the evening
Coral Bay beach bar hopping with us.  On of our best days full of
unexpected surprises!!

Pete & Judy

Mike's brother Peter and his wife Judy
visited later in April. 
We took a fishing trip with Cleve 
on the south side of St John
and the East End approaching the BVI.
Great day fishing with a lot of caught
 fish and calm seas.  
Other days we perfected beach bumming!
                       Pete & I snagged the same fish! Impossible                      


Dave & Barb
Two days after Pete & Judy flew back to Chattanooga Mike's brother Dave and wife Barb arrived to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary!!!!  Another fishing trip.  Lots of fish caught by Mike and Dave.  The sea was very rough and Barb and Cindy opted to come back ashore and spent a quiet beach day at the North Shore's calm Gibney Beach.   We ended the week with a delicious Caribbean      
                                                         Lobster dinner at Morgan's Mango!

Coral Bay

                        Denis Bay

Happy Anniversary!


Chris surprised us with a call on Memorial Day asking if he could come for a visit the next week. Of course!

Chris and Mike trying fly fishing in Leinster Bay

Father and Son enjoying Trunk Bay with a beer and a good book

Sunset at Cinnamon Beach!

Melissa & Michelle
Melissa came for a summer visit after she was done teaching.  Ty's job on the capitol dome in Washington needed him.  We missed him but enjoyed the company of Melissa's friend Michelle.
 Bushwackers at Banana Deck

Casey & Rick

Welcoming Island Drinks
and Casey brought us asparagus and strawberries from their  farm!

Our niece Casey and her boyfriend Rick overlapped 3 days with Melissa & Michelle.  Full house, Full truck,  Days full of fun!
Casey and Rick at Bordeaux over looking Coral Bay and the BVI
Little Lameshur bay - spent the day snorkeling, reading, swimming, drinking and eating
typical beach day.  
enjoying the view from our deck

watching sunset on the beach of The Beach Bar in Cruz Bay
All visitors make this last walk into town to the ferry dock
(notice "Island Mike's long hair!)

 We are so grateful for all the memories created by our time with all of you. Part time jobs are in our future, but we will still have plenty of time to keep our Bed & Breakfast open to family and friends!   Be sure to come back and visit again!  And if you haven't been here yet  - Our island home is always open to you!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas on St John

This will be our first Christmas away from family.  We are missing all of our family and
friends very much this Christmas season.   Especially our children!  But Jesus is the reason
for the season.  We hope that a more simplistic approach will but Jesus' birthday as the center
piece of our day. 

Some of our friends have asked if Christmas is celebrated here and all there Christians on St. John.
Yes and Yes.   There are many different Christian faiths represented i.e. Lutheran, Episcopal,
Moravian, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist.   Christmas is celebrated here in many ways
Pan Band Concerts,  Strings & Sax Band Concert in the park,  Govenor visits with gifts for the
kids,  Santa arrives by boat on Christmas Eve with gifts for the children, and church services.

Decorations are everywhere, but on a smaller scale than stateside.  And some are rather quirky
as is St John style.  

We wish all of you a Blessed Christmas!

Red garland appeared overnight on the bridge near the turn to go up the moutain to our villa

out door cafe tables at JJ's Texax Coast cafe

Right in front of the cafe is THE town park.  Here is the community Christmas tree and the Gazebo/Bank stand in the park

Two Santa displays - one above the Castaways Tavern and another at The Market Place

Ony on St John is there a literal fork in the road at the fork in the road
Here it has received little santa hats on each tong.  It has since gotten a wreath and lights!

Nativity at Lutheran church in the center of Cruz Bay

Lutheran Church at night.  This church is in the center of Cruz Bay only 15 steps from THE park shown above                
               All decked out for Christmas - La Tappa Resturant below and Quiet Mom Pub above