Saturday, July 14, 2012

St John Magic

St John Magic

St John is also known as LOVE CITY. -  Peace, One Love, Be Kind and Positive is How I Live, are a few of the words seen around St John on tee shirts and bumper stickers.  But beyond all of those descriptions there is St John Magic.  It's a feeling you have just being here whether on vacation or living here.

An island friend said to me yesterday that St John Magic finds you just what you are looking for, even if you don't know what you are looking for - IT will find you - whatever IT may be. 

What I think the magic really is - the beauty, the seclusion from the greater world, the big sky above and the huge oceans all around, endless horizons, the beauty of nature on the island and under the sea, the friendliness of the people, their acceptance of all people, all of this gives one Peace, and with Peace within you open yourself up to all the possibilities, and IT - whatever IT is - finds it's place.  

The atmosphere of St John creates peace within, which in turn creates acceptance and openness, and then the magic happens - Just the way God intended.  

We still LOVE island life!  We feel God's blessings all around us. We're feelin the magic.  We are grateful for our time of peace, renewal, and fun on St John and are grateful that we can go back to our cabin in the mountains and be with family and friends stateside.  We are coming back to the same villa apartment in October and staying until......................................... God has other plans for us.

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